Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1: Pobject's That Guy

who wants to be
that guy?
the guy who
wears his too-tight Speedo at the poolside with a Budweiser in both hands
the guy who takes up the whole sidewalk when he could take
one step left or one step right the guy
who doesn’t put the toilet seat

down the guy who drunk shouts at the stage with
every beat the guy who sits on the same side
of the booth as his girlfriend and sometimes even
cuts her food for her
the guy who
knows the words to every Journey song the guy

who at the traffic light pounds an invisible drum kit
the guy who wears a fanny pack a pair of Chacos
with black socks on

the guy who stares at the tops of skyscrapers
and holds his downtown map
the wrong way up
the guy who doesn’t wonder who is watching
it doesn’t matter anyway

that guy

the guy who weeps at the Lincoln Memorial the guy
who shivers when he sees a summer sky
who loves to ride the subway the guy who
saves spiders from the drain

the guy who
the guy who gets married and divorced and
lies awake at night and wonders
who will be there
when he dies the guy

who falls on his sword
when he isn’t pushed the guy who

bends his back to break the rain

the guy who reinvents
himself and says to himself
there’s always time the guy who makes
time and makes more time and makes more time still
until there is enough

for everyone

that guy
who wants to be that guy

who wants to be that guy?