Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 11: Secret Crush

1.   I have a secret to share with you, so look at 7.
2.   This is really hard to articulate, but look at 15.
3.   The answer is to look at 11.
4.   You really are the best to look at 14.
5.   I hope you are not getting frustrated when I say look at 13.
6.   Thanks for your patience and kindness while looking at 4.
7.   But first, look at 3.
8.   This is the last time I’ll as you to look at 10.
9.   What I wanted to tell you is there’s something important on 13.
10. I wanted to let you know:  I have a secret crush on you.
11. I hop you’re still interested when you look at 5.
12. I apologize when you look at 9.
13. I’m not sure how to say this, but look at 2.
14. We’re almost there, so look at 8.
15. You are probably frustrated with looking at 6.

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