Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 14: Lobject's Airport

Public Service Announcement
Don’t follow the signs to the train if you have a stroller. They will not lead you to the elevator and are meant to throw you off. It’s mean, really, especially when you have thirty minutes to get from terminal A to terminal D and escalators are the direct route.
If you see someone in a wheelchair being led by an ATL staff member, that’s your best bet by far. You’ve hit airport bingo and must, at all costs, follow the wheelchair. This should be easy to do if not underestimated. Note: Do not search out a wheelchair and stalk it; this is creepy and counterproductive. You need a wheelchair going in the direction of the train for this strategy to be effective.
A long line of strollers and wheelchairs will serve as your arrow towards the elevator. The elevator holds one wheelchair and one stroller or three strollers as long as the dads don’t ride. They can help you onto the elevator, find the escalator, and be at the elevator when it opens up. We are not at an amusement park. The only thing happening quickly is boarding at gate D-28.

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