Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 2: Dobject's Secret Crush

To my mandolin.
I smelled your room
the other day; something like red
velvet cupcakes and lemon wood varnish,
I remember the smell, on
a summer day
on the hot pavement
and I heard your voice.
You sounded like mahogany grained hair

in the breeze. I remember;
how we used to hang around
each other’s necks like lemurs. We almost looked
like the boys and girls
softly cradling their guitars
from the flea market  in a quiet corner;
but you and I were custom fit
for each other. They used to stare us up

and down from the
corners of their eyes
and tell me how
I was  to have
My fingers are softer
since I the last time

I touched you.
We’re both a bit rusty
since last I
took you out.-- But you know,
I’m busy. I’ve got school,
and a job, too…
I regret you’ve been
waiting so long

in the backseat of my car,
under some scattered
I need to remember to
take you out, and show you
the sun, the rain again… I’d show
you off around town again.
Maybe we could even play

again, like
old times.
I’ll brush your
bronze and silver,
and strum my fingertips
on the back of your smooth neck

like we used to in
the silent midnight
of my room,
my head
over yours.
Would you like that?

Could you forgive
I miss you,
as fully as
a nearly-complete
puzzle misses
a single

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  1. This is beautiful! The sense evocation in the first marvelous...