Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 14: Dobject's Pop/Rock Star

            Yeah, I know Andrew Bird. Y’know, I’ve heard his name around, heard a few of his songs. Yeah, he’s cool, for like, a violin/guitar/glockenspiel player. I guess.
            You know, he loops himself on stage, like live and stuff. Like, he can whistle a tune and then pick up his fiddle and fill in a melody and then layer it over and over again until he sounds like, like a kickass full orchestra. Early in his career, you know, after The Firecracker Jazz Band and Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire, and actually in that album he wrote, what’s it called? Weather Systems? Yeah, that entire album is basically like, him playing solo, but he sounds like he has a full band. The title track is swish. Yeah, he’s pretty raw.
            Oh, and did you know he sometimes uses words in his songs just because he likes the sound? Yeah. Once, he wrote this song called “Sovay,” like that old English poem, but he has no idea what the word means, or what the poem’s about. I don’t either. We don’t want to look it up or ask anyone. He’s like, a poet or something. He’s pretty neat.
            You know, I think I might have met him once. Or twice.
            Three times.
            You know, I practically know Andrew Bird, like in real life. Yeah, he used to play in The Firecracker Jazz band before he started his solo career, and he’s like really tight with my friend’s family because my friend’s dad played trumpet in that band, like with Andrew Bird.
            You know, when he was in town last, I met him after the show. With my friend’s family. Yeah, he’s pretty relaxed. Pretty chill. Well, he also had a pretty crazy cold, like that entire year while he was on tour. He even had a film made about it called Fever Year, about his tour where he was sick every single day for like, a year, with the same cold. Hardcore, right? I actually haven’t seen it yet because he owns all the rights to it and only holds private and limited screenings. Sucks, right? But you know, it’s also pretty rad, like, screw the man, you know? Like, don’t let him steal your shit.
            I know a few of his songs. Heard them here or there, you know. I’ve got a few of his albums too. Last I checked, I had about 9.5 hours (135 songs) of Andrew Bird. But I think I’m still missing quite a few, you know, like the special limited editions, some single releases, remixes, live shoes, and weird odds and ends and stuff like that. But that’s OK, I can recite most of the lyrics anyways. You know, you could like, hum me a melody of his and I can name the song. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I’m like, psychic or something. 

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