Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 25: Comfortable shoes

To whom it may concern:

I must admit that the term "comfortable shoes" makes me a little nervous.  I hear it and my mind automatically goes to 
I realize this may be an offensive opinion.  I  know people who wear these shoes.  I  have friends that wear these "comfortable  shoes".  I even love people who wear them.  I accept people as people, no matter the footwear, but - at the same time - everyone is entitled to their opinion.  And this next, specific opinion, I fear, I may offend those friends even more:
These shoes may be comfortable, but they are also horrible.  

I have heard all the pro-arguments and rhetorical appeals for these creepy, gloved-toes shoes:  
  • Pathos:  They are SO comfortable while I am also freeing my feet!
  • Ethos:  I've done the research!  To date the design concept behind toe shoes is the best solution for fictional, body-friendly footwear due to the allowance of "ground feel" they allow while still maintaining the foot's dynamic flexibility and the proprioceptive sense of the foot.
  • Kairos:  I'm into minimalist footwear, just like the other cool kids.
  • Logic:  If barefoot is the default state of our feet, it follows that the default design of footwear should be to provide some benefit to the foot (protection, insulation, or even style) while still allowing for the default (bare) function of the foot.

I should make it clear that I completely support a person's right to choose shoes.  But, in this case, I will also offer my strongest rhetorical appeal:  when I see these shoes out and about in the world, I am uncomfortable.  I feel like Haley Joel Osment's character in The Sixth Sense:

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