Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 29: Dobject's Golf Pencil

You see, thi thing about a gold pencil is that once you say something you said it an dthats it; no take backs or nothing. It might as well be a pen-joke. And then he ran out of things to say and must complete half paked thogutsh on th erun because there is no backspace in this land; cruel constraint.
    And I've not been golfing all too much nor have I used a golf pencil for a while. I think the last time I did was at the Fun Depot on a gym field trip (I cdidn't understand either, but I also didn't questoin it) and I played putt-putt with my two friends and well that was about it. I think I may have own that is to say I won but who knows? The mind I guess is like a gold pencil too because it solidifies beleifs emeories and feelings as tif they're eperminant instalitations, not to be swayed or erased by the simple likes of men and woemen (whatever that means). I don't mind making a fool of my writing mis-steps, I will just plow forward like the fool I am and continue telling stories.
    The first time I played gold (cursed "d" key) was when I was like 7 and I was on vacation with my cousins and they asked me "Hey, wyould you like to play some Putt-Putt?" Now, and I font know if you're at all familiar with my generation but to me, "Putt-Putt" was not a game of miniature golf, or evn a sport, but instead, it was a computer game about a little purple car named Putt-Putt who went on admazing adventures across space and the jungle and well wherever else talking-purple gars go, oh and he had a wiener dog companion. Needless to say best educational game ever. This is getting strange. Anyways, I was asked if I wanted to play Putt-Putt with them, my cousins, and the first thing I immagined is all nine of us (yes, nine of us) sitting around the computer, that is a simgle computer, playing this one-player computer game. It sounded awkward and anti-climactic, sbut I said yes anyways and then they took me golfing. Strangest day. Totally unexpected. But a gold pencil is like an incomplete thought, you know, and it doesn't have an eraser either so eveyrything else you say or write with one is an simcpmplete thought if you mess up what yoy're trying to sya. See, like that. Once you begin a sentence you have to commit to it or wimp out nd start a new one. I appreciate a challenge, so I'm going to type a random key and tell another story.
dx; ah yes, the XD face, a talk about texting this story will be. Equilly stoanj (screwd that one up) Equally astounding, this could be related to a gold pencil. So whe I was younger, and again like mosst f my generation, I used to tex and Im and the like, and my favorite emoticon was the I'm-laughing-so-hard-my-face-is-an-X-face, AKA: XD. And it could come to pass that occasionally I was /would accidently send a blank screen be in my haste to reply to whoever I aws talking to (yes, we called t i talking). Sometyes it would also happen that I would be mid-texting on my dumb phone (ignore this aside) and I would accidently send an imcomplete message. Whoops! Have to live with whatever I wrote.
    I feel like this si some sort of Bhuddist anti-attachemnt practice. My old ex-girlfriend used to berrade me for my terrible spelling and grammar, and it/ is part of the reason I made an effort to learn correct grammar in the first place. Now I just have to wtype whatever ends up in the screen and just live with it: no anxiety to correct what I say, no pressure to say anything inteligent or even exciting. It's fun and somewhat challenging. It's like renouncing my entire education to the fates of fancy and allowing everything that is to be as it will be. Perhaps we and for this reason alone should write with more gold pencils, or at leas pens because I think it could allows us to be more forgiving on our writing instead of holding it to such high and obscenely unrealistic standards. If what you asay comes out as pithy, liet it be pithy! If not, oh well, you just keep writing. What does this have to do with golf pencisl I have no idea, but maybe a gold pencil is our best teacher for non0attachment and forgiveness. I can almost feel my bran oozing onto the page because I'm not tryign so damn hard to damn /dam it up and keep it in my head. I'm just going to keep spilling it on this page and maybesomeone will want to read it. Liberation through extraction and limitation! Take that paradoxes!
    And that 's why I think everyone should have a Red Rider BB Gun.

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