Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 8: Dobject's Walkie Talkie

Hey kids! Come on down to Big Jim's tent, we've got lots of candy!
Hey Mary, where are you? We're standing in front of the caboose.
Yeah, we're going to have to open up Blue Lot B soon, over.
Dude! I forgot the beer at the house, where is it in your truck?

I didn't bring any beer Caleb, they don't allow any in the festival.
10-4, over.
Um... Oh, I don't know... There's, um, a field. Sort of near this long building.

Aw, shit. Are you sure? Oh! That's why you have the hip flask!
This is Red Lot, we need uh, a gator over here. A woman, um, fell.
Hah hah! Big Jim's? You're freakin' crazy.
Dad? Are you there?
Mary? Are you at the Americana stage?... Mary?

Um... I think there's music coming from somewhere. Where are you?
Uh. Ok, we'll be right over. What'd she do?
C'mon kids! We're open all day! Pfffthhhh! Hah hah hah!
Dude. I was just standing near a cop when you said that.

Oh, sorry dude.
Hey honey, what's up?
Oh wait! I see you, I'm the one--- no, turn around. No the other way. I'm waving my hat. See me?
I think she was carrying too much.
[Hysterical laughing]

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