Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 9: Dobject's Utilities Worker

-->I heard the bearded man’s voice
through my door
I crouched behind
when he drove his gigantic truck
with the sharp tools
and the long chains
and the hundreds of white metal safes
into my driveway
because he knew where I lived, and
after the dogs tried to bite him,
and after he bribed them to be quiet
with the food he brought
for protection,
I heard him from behind my door,
knocking knocking,
knocking, knocking,
knocking… pounding,
to come in
but why—he didn’t say
or where he came from
or who he was
or what he was going to do
or how he wanted to do it
and my
heart was
my throat
with need
for air
when he shouted
where are my parents
and if they were home
and if I could open up for him,
but no one was at home.

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