Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 10: baseball hat

Each up at bat, I hold my breath
and wonder what life holds for him.  
Will kindness and luck always come 
your way?  I hope this happens more 
than less but know it won’t always be
the case.  Will the world break your 
spirit?  Or send you questioning
who you are? If so, I hope you still
end up back exactly
where you started.

Each time he takes to the field, I stop
to consider where he came from.
Your eyes are your fathers, but when
you stand up straight you remind me
of my dad.  When your throw your head
back and laugh, you bring back memories
of my sister, and when you grin, looking
sneaky, you look like Uncle Jamie.

Each time he makes it to first, I clap
and hope he makes it home.  I wonder what
your prom will be like.  Will you still love
to read?  Who will be your best friend?
Will it still be your dad?  No matter what,
I hope you still end up
exactly where you started.

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