Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 20: Dobject's Inside of a Tent

How to Erect Your New Halcyon Family Size Outdoor Tent (V2.4.32). You only need one person to complete the following steps.

Step 1. Purchase your new Halcyon Family Size Outdoor Tent (V2.4.32[US]/V2.4.32[CA]/V2.3.25[FR])

Step 2. Remove you new Halcyon Family Size Outdoor Tent from the packaging.
            Tip: Try not to tear the box apart as soon as you get home! We understand your excitement, but first, appreciate your new purchase, reflect on your giddy and childish satisfaction, and imagine all of the exciting adventures you and your family are about to have together! Aren’t you the swellest fellow alive?

Step 2.5: Remove all 125 patented super-safety twisty ties protecting all 5 parts of your new Halcyon Family Size Outdoor Tent. Then, remove our custom made Tite-bond super-strength stretch-o-tape from our new triple bagging system covering all 5 parts of your tent. 3x as protected! And easy to remove!*©
·      Statement not yet verified by FCC or The High Stress Consumer-Packaging Council of America.

Step 4. Fling all of your Halcyon Family Size Outdoor tent into the back lawn to begin construction.

Parts: 1. Tent canvas and containment bag
       2. Pole A
       3. Pole B
       4. Rain Cover
       5. Stakes and stake bag

Step 1. Lay out tent canvas in a parallelogram shape with the top of the tent on the ground.

Step 2. With tent inverted take Pole A and lightly push through flaps A.1, A.2, B.1, and B.3 of the tent until the structure is rigid. Once Pole A has been placed, flex the pole to ensure correct placement. Place the tent’s corner pegs into the slot at each end of Pole A to ensure proper flex.

Step 3. With a partner, take Pole B (Note: in CA, FR, UN, some regions of the US and BK, this part may be labeled Pole 3, and is not required for successful construction), and gently tuck it into all remaining flaps except for C.2, E.5, and A.2, ensuring enough room for rain cover (not included in CA and some regions of the US). Be sure to cross Pole A at a 90 degree intersection across the top of the tent. Once Pole B is placed, gently flex both poles to ensure correct placement. If the structure does not flex correctly, remove all poles, flaps, and studs, and begin again from Step 1.     

Step 4. Flip structure over so the top is facing up.

Step 5. Erect the tent using the below diagram.*

*(Diagram not included in V2.4.32 manual)

Step 6. Once tent is standing, attach the rain cover in all remaining flaps using the included Pole 3 and 4. (Note: slightly longer than Poles A and B.) If in FR, use the included bungee cords.

Step 7. Enjoy!

Note: Wash all canvas and cloth material in a cold bath with 3% bleach and 5% vinegar solution at less than 50 degrees F according to like colors and manufacturer recommendation before construction or removal from packaging. Failure to follow this step may void warranty.

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