Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 30: Dobject's Person Whose Picture is On Your Desk

At my desk
there is no chair:
too lazy.

Near my desk
there are no pictures:
too distracting.

On my computer
there is no background:
too personal.

On my desktop
there are no faces:
too familiar.

Don't stare too long
or drink deep at the screen.
Nothing too interesting.


Blank space.

But who writes
at their desk anymore?
A typewriter suffices.
So burn the desk.

But if I didn't alarm every morning
from a song on iTunes,
and sip coffee to the email
like brief excuses,
and if I didn't have an allowance
but of one picture
but never for amusement,
it would be the call I make
every morning
and most evenings
to her computer from mine.
A tiny colored square,
with a face and a voice
against a blank black background;
the only living picture. 
Gladly pulls me from
my Draconian deckings,
and I'd rather she would,
living and breathing,
than any else thing.

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