Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 25: Pobject's Person Whose Picture Is On [My] Desk

I have no such picture.

Not that there's never been anyone worth putting there. More that I've never put my desk in order enough to think about putting a picture there. I'm generally happy if the desk is dust-free.

The background image on my work computer's desktop is a picture of my dog Burnsie. He's wreathed in this bright angelic light, backed by the golden tones of the wood wainscoting behind the dog bed on which he lies. He's asleep, his legs senselessly ajumble. It's pretty fuckin' adorable.

Does that count?

I've never been much of a shutterbug. Again, it's not that I've not wanted to keep a photographic record. I've gone on many trips with every intention of taking a good number of pictures, but I'll either forget the camera at home/the hotel/the car or forget to bring its charger or most often simply get lost in whatever it is I'm doing and forget to take pictures.

This is why I #failattwitter. I do, however, like the fact that I'm generally too busy doing things to think about taking a picture of me doing things. I just have to try to remember everything that much better, since I won't have a photograph to remind me.

I'll be okay as long as my memory stays intact.

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  1. Good call! I'd much rather be too busy *doing* things than taking pictures. I find that I'm having a hard time filling the shoes of last year's resident photographer. Ha! It's all good, though.