Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 27: Pobject's Baseball Hat

My whiskey drinking days are over.

That’s what I told Johnnie, but she wouldn’t listen. Not when the heavy lidded Cherokee girl kept hittin on me, not when that scrawny white guy with the backwards baseball cap came swingin at us with a pool cue, shirt soaked with sweat in awkward places, nipples lookin like he was giving milk.

Not when we were out in the parking lot, when I said it again. Johnnie’d got slipped something I think, us out behind the lanes with her pukin her guts out and me pattin her back and saying I’m sorry over and over.

I told her, but she wouldn’t listen.

We got her cleaned up and we went back inside. She broke the pool cue over the white guy’s head, and I made out with the Cherokee girl. She had a big warm tongue and I tasted hand-rolled cigarettes.

Come closing time we headed home. Davey was still good to drive, and I let my head roll over onto Johnnie’s shoulder.

My whiskey drinking days are over, I said. There, there, she said.

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