Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 11: Dobject's Shade

1. Every time the sun falls into the horizon, you, and everyone and everything for miles around you, is being rotated underneath a massive rock, called Earth, which casts colossal spherical shadow directly into space. This is called “night”.

2. Many parts of the inside of your body, from your several hundred miles of capillaries, the insides of your bones, and primarily, the inside of your head, have never seen the light of day. They are therefore in constant shadow. Two small additions: sunlight, though the majority of your body has never seen it, is crucial to your physical and mental wellbeing, and somehow we understand this despite the fact our bodies are constantly in the dark.

3.Shaddows and dark spaces naturally you sleepy.

4. Most plants die in the shade.

5. We are unlike most living things, as we seem to thrive in shade (living indoors, that is).

6. The universe it mostly made up of shadow, not as an object, but as a state of being. True of course there are stars, but think about it like this: our star is several million times larger than Earth. The light from the Sun on Earth is bright enough that if all of the energy were captured from the sun’s light in a single day, we would have captured so much light that it would nearly solve the energy crisis. The sun owes its brightness to its heat. If a single atom here on Earth was as hot as an atom from the center of the sun, for even just one second, the heat exuded from that single atom would make the surrounding landscape burst into flames, and the water for several hundred miles around would instantly evaporate into the air. Despite this intense brightness and heat that one sun creates, if you were to travel to the area directly in-between our galaxy and our nearest neighbor, Andromeda, you wouldn’t be able to see your hands in front of your face.

7. Shadows are weightless, while light, despite its name, actually has mass. That is to say the surface of the Earth would weigh several tons less in the shadow. Additionally, light is even massive enough to propel satellites and probes through space at a great speed without any additional force.

8. At any one point in time, there are more shadows on in and on top of Earth than all of the light emitted from the sun or artificial lighting. They are in-between walls, under floorboards, under rocks, trees, in the sprawling miles of cave systems, under your skin, in your mattress, in your shoes, in your head, in you refrigerator, between the pages of your books, under your fingernails, in-between all of the stars and planets you can see in the sky, and even in your veins.  


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