Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 10: Pobject's Imaginary Friend

You’ve been on my mind a lot these days,
living in this postpostracial paradise
where a nonwhite man can be President
as long as he’s as devious and deceitful
as any white man who’s come before him.

I’m working my way to DICdom and wondering
why we can’t seem to find a critical mass?
After twenty-plus years of hand-wringing
and navel-gazing, you’d think we’d ask
someone who looks like you, my
transblackfemale oracular friend.

I ask my ciswhitemale self these things,
but my cis and my white and my male
keep getting in the way.
                                        I need
your Latino-Ladino-Southeast-Asian-
answer key.

                    Can I borrow it?
I don’t need to peek at every line,
I just want a hint.

What comes next?

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