Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6: Dobject's Bathrobe

 Lights + Camera + Action= regrettably accurate cliché

Regrettably acurate cliché - Action= Equipment rented from school= Camera + Lights

Camera= (Sony HDR HC-9) + batteries + tripod

Lights= Blue gels + Low Density Filter on front window + backbreaking box of lights and stands + clothespins< pleasant

Action= Props + Costume + Actors + Set Design + Direction + 20% Luck= Back to The Future scene recreation

Props= fake clock tower poster with fake I love you note

Costume(Marty)= Denim jeans + denim jacket + flannel shirt + (my sister’s hair gel x 2)
Costume(Doc)= (Crazy hair x ½ hair gel) + pajama pants + cotton undershirt + purple velvet bathrobe

Actors= Me + Him= Marty + Doc

Set design= framed pictures of famous minds + film equipment we forgot to hide

Framed pictures of famous minds= Newton + Franklin + Edison + Mass Communication professor Donald Diefenbach

Film equipment we forgot to hide= empty light box + unused gels + clothespins + light stands + extension cords + hair gel + unused scripts= all clustered around and on top of piano bench in background

Direction= (“1.21 jigawatts!?” x more crazy) + (more desperation x voice cracking) x yell louder + Marty x h

Marty= 5’11’’>size needed to fit on screen= Cowboy squat while standing up= special effects

20% Luck= 1/10 chance we can remember our lines and deliver them like we are stage actors + OK lighting + more hair gel x (µø∏+(å/ß∑.5å^9)-373,837ñ x ???)= looks good in editing= “I guess it’s finished, it looks so weird.”

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