Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 8: Imaginary Friend

Dear imaginary friend,

Thank you for the card you sent in the mail.  I did receive it. 

But I must say, up front, I am not interested in your friendship.  I’m not sure you were offering friendship, and I am actually not sure you have the ability to offer true friendship... All you wrote in the card was “Coffee?” 

I feel like I have known you forever.  We played together in shoreline summers, dancing in the water and waves.  Toasting New Years with plastic champagne glasses filled with sparkling cider.  Giggling under the dinning room table at country club dinners as parents chattered above.  Building houses in the trees and forts in the woods.  We had fun.  Made great memories.  And for that I am grateful.

But we are not kids anymore.  We have had to face some truths and events we never could have imagined.  During those times, I wondered where you were.  I even went out to that magnolia in my mom’s backyard, sat on one of its limbs, and hoped you would appear.  I had hoped you would pause to consider my perspective. 

Silly me!  Why would I expect someone who is not real to understand or empathize?  I take responsibility for that confusion and childhood hope. 

All of that aside, I must still say no thank you to your request.

I don’t even drink coffee. 

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