Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Meta" post: the list of subjects about which we'll write

Two of my friends have already begun by writing on a subject they've chosen for today, and I'll follow suit this evening. I wanted to jump in and provide a list of the people, places, and things on which we'll write over the next month:

1. driving instructor
2. person you (would) most like to drink with
3. a utilities worker who has come into your home
4. an over-the-phone-support agent
5. imaginary friend
6. person whose picture is on your desk
7. pop/rock star
8. Andy Kaufman
9. secret crush
10. *that* guy

1. beach
2. airport
3. lake
4. thrift store
5. gas station
6. inside of a tent
7. fishing pier
8. the shade
9. hometown
10. hole-in-the-wall

1. golf pencil
2. comfortable shoes
3. blanket
4. pocket change
5. bathrobe
6. walkie-talkie
7. neon lights
8. microphone
9. baseball hat
10. stuffed animal

If you're curious as to how we arrived at these lists...

...each of us came up with 5 items in each category, and of these 5 we selected 2 about which we definitely wanted everyone to write. This gave us 24 of the subjects. The remaining 12 in each category (3 from each of us) formed a list on which we did a Borda count, each of us selecting our top 6 choices: first choice got 6 points, second choice got 5, and so forth, down to a sixth choice, which earned a single point. The top 2 vote-getters in each category got moved forward, giving our overall list.

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